Fiction & sociology talk

and a preview of So Fi Zine #9

It is a big week for sociological fiction :~)

The Annual Conference of the Czech Sociological Society is hosting a panel on Sociology as Literature. I’m very excited to be joining Jan Váňa and Johana Kotišová for this, who have both been doing some really interesting scholarly and creative work in this area. You can find some of Jan’s work on social theory and aesthetics in fiction in Cultural Sociology, and Johana recently published an ethnographic novel that blends literary and scholarly styles. I’ll be talking about my novel Into the Sea, which has just turned 1 (!).

The panel is on tomorrow night, Tuesday June 22 from 6:30 to 8pm (AEST), and you can join live on Zoom via this link. The meeting ID is 943 0773 9133 and the passcode is 064733. It will be recorded, so you should be able to watch later via YouTube if you can’t make it tomorrow night.

I am also putting the finishing touches on the ninth edition of So Fi Zine, with Professor Sujatha Fernandes. Here’s a sneak peak of the cover. I love the print effect of the new photocopier I’m using - the smudged dots on the left and the darker lines across the top and down the right.